If you are in Year 7 at school and want to get involved you can! Your mission, is to learn how to become tomorrow's Lighthouse helpers and leaders, starting... now!

The week is about sharing the skills and the heart which it takes to be a Lamplighter - with our own teaching aimed at helping you to be able to answer any questions the younger children may have, challenging you on your own faith journey and showing you what it means to serve. Its also about having fun in our own sports and games sessions and taking time out to chill and be together (You may also be a helper on site or with sessions such as Craft).

Our desire is that you reach the end of the week inspired (and healthily tired!) and ready in mind and spirit to step up to the challenge of next years' Lighthouse as a helper in your own right - with the certificate to prove it!

So we invite you to come on this adventure - and can't wait to meet you (if we haven't already met). You will be very welcome!

After the children have gone home, there’s also a great opportunity to be a part of the youth evenings at Halo:gen - please see separate page for information.

If you have any questions click here and we will be in touch.